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A Thanksgiving Message


            As we celebrate Thanksgiving let us take time to thank God for our many blessings and I encourage you  to be a blessing in some way to those less fortunate. 


As we enjoy the freedom to fellowship with our family and friends let us not forget the men and women in our Armed Forces both home and abroad who will be away from their families during the holidays allowing us to celebrate in peace.  In America we should be thankful that we live freely in the greatest nation on earth. 


            Please remember those who will be working around the clock this Thanksgiving, the men and women of Law Enforcement, Firefighters and emergency Medical Personnel that courageously protect and serve our communities.


            I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the residents of Franklin County.  Your efforts to enhance safety and cooperation with our office helps make our County a great place to live and work.


            My commitment to the Citizens of this County has never been stronger.  The support you've shown to me and the entire Sheriff's Office during this past year has been overwhelming.  Thank you.


            Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from Sheriff Rickey Denton and the men and women of your Sheriff's Office.